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iPhone App - Version 1.6

08 Aug 12:18

Version 1.6 of the Koubachi App is out!

Now it’s possible to see the latest readings of your sensor in the sensor view! Simply go to your plant and press on the sensor icon.

For all new Koubachi-Users, a help feature is now installed to show how the app works.

Last but not least, over 500 plants are available in the plant cyclopedia!

We hope you all enjoy this new version!

API in Beta version

23 Jul 15:34

Koubachi now provides access to our API in beta version. Anyone interested can now access the following data: MAC address of the sensor; the number of measurements; last transmission; next transmission; latest light (lux), temperature (° C, ° F) and soil moisture measurements (% value), all measurements of light (value of 1-5, sunny to dark), soil moisture (raw values) and temperature (° C) and of course all data of your own plant, including name, place and care instructions.

Those interested can register at for the beta version.

500 plants available now!

21 Jun 15:25

Every week new plants are added to the plant cyclopedia. Now 500 plants are available!

Among the newly added plants you find: Lime, Lemon, Avocado, Christmas Cactus, various Kalanchoe species, Euphorbias, Ivies, Mandevillas, Selaginellas and many more!

Have a look!

Worldwide Media Coverage

01 Jun 12:35

Ever since the official launch of the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor in March of this year, the media has shown great interest in our innovative product.

In recent weeks interest has grown exponentially: every day new articles pop up worldwide! Koubachi is present on Television, Radio, Blogs an Journals all over the world. Some highlights of the last few weeks are articles by "Huffington Post Tech", "the guardian", "BBC", "Daily Mail" and "Pocket-lint".

A collection of articles can be found also on our Media-Page!