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Koubachi 1.0 for Android

11 Apr 18:13

New features, new design, faster, more languages ​​and more plants.

The new Android app includes new features: now you have, for example, the possibility to swipe between three plant beds to manage up to 27 plants. The new design includes backgrounds which adapt to the daytime. In addition, new languages ​​have been added and the Plant Cyclopedia.

All what you have been waiting for. Download now!

New iPhone App Version: 1.8!

13 Dec 17:17

The new version 1.8 of the Koubachi App is now available for download in the App Store!

Koubachi’s new iPhone App will accompany you through the day, changing its background depending on your local time. In addition, the App has been redesigned to match the new iOS look as well as for better navigation. But that’s not all: the App is now available also in Italian!

Koubachi - Leading Plant Care Assistant for your home and garden. Upgrade now and experience the new design for iOS 7!

Week 48, Time for Koubachi Hiatus

25 Nov 11:17

At Koubachi we had an intense year with many new projects and new market entries. Now it’s time for us to reflect on the successes and failures of this year, and prepare mentally for the one to come.

We strongly believe that amazing things can happen when a team is allowed to think out-of-the-box, skipping conventional ways and getting to innovative great new ideas. We will be launching new products in 2014 and to make sure to give birth to even more beautiful and innovative products, we will shut down regular business from November 25th until November 29th.

But what does this mean for you, our dear customers and our community? All services are of course available, thus you can use the Koubachi apps as usual!

We will return to our normal schedule the following week (Monday 2. December). We hope you seize this chance to take a little break of your own. You’ve certainly earned it!

New Server Infrastructure Makes Plant Care Faster and more Reliable

19 Nov 13:38

Our recent investment in a better server infrastructure now pays off in several ways: the web app became much more responsive, we can easily cope with peaks in the server load, and the Wi-Fi plant sensors will use less battery as they get faster feedback from the servers.

We hope that this effort makes your Koubachi experience even more enjoyable!