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Koubachi AG announces license deal with Sensirion AG.

04 Aug 13:49

Koubachi AG is a Spin-Off from ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) and has earned itself a reputation as pioneering IoT (Internet of Things) start-up. Koubachi's products include its Wi-Fi plant sensor, cloud-based plant care engine, and smart-phone interface for advising on plant care. Furthermore, Koubachi has developed cloud server products capable of processing high volume sensor data. This technology has also been licensed to well-known manufacturers worldwide on a project basis.

The leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions worldwide, Sensirion, has entered into an agreement with Koubachi to license its cloud technology. Sensirion, also a first mover in integrating high-quality sensors into smartphones, concluded this deal in order to meet the increasing software and data management requirements in the industry. All strategic technology is and remains ownership of Koubachi. “We are very pleased with this agreement which allows us to further focus on strategically growing our business in the IoT economy of the smart home and garden.", says Dr. Philipp Bolliger, CEO, inventor of the Wi-Fi plant sensor and co-founder of Koubachi AG.

Koubachi has pioneered wireless plant sensors and is already a global leader of smart plant care solutions. Leveraging its achievements and expanding its product offerings, Koubachi is currently offering a Series B funding opportunity to selected investors. As previously announced, Koubachi is working on bringing state-of-the-art technology to all gardening needs including automated irrigation. Philipp Bolliger: “There are 146m gardens in Europe alone, and we are striving to address so far unmet user needs and a growing market with new disruptive technology".


Koubachi 1.10 for iPhone

07 Jul 14:24

Check out the new and free Koubachi iPhone App 1.10. Now with improved configuration and revised Plant Finder. Zum Download!

Koubachi 1.1 for Android

18 Jun 14:23

Check out the new and free Koubachi Android App 1.1. New Sensor view and improved stability. Download now!

Stop wondering. Plant Finder is here!

16 Apr 09:24

When using a plant care app like Koubachi, one of the more tricky things you need to figure out is the type of your plant. Koubachi Plant Finder helps you to determine your plants’ species. And it's very easy: it will ask you a few simple questions and figure out the species within no time.

While still in beta mode, Plant Finder works already very well. Koubachi's statistical models are even self-learning. This means that Plant Finder is improving all the time.

You've got to try it to see how amazing it is! Download the free Koubachi App including Plant Finder today!