Koubachi App not working properly with iOS 9

The Koubachi App for iPhone faces the following two issues when run under iOS 9: 

  1. Some communication with the server fails. This got fixed with the version 1.12 that is available since this morning in the App Store.
  2. The language used by the App defaults to English, no matter what the language settings are on the iPhone. This will be fixed in an upcoming version 1.13 - we hope to get the App through the approval process within a week.

We apologize for these problems.



Husqvarna Group Acquires Koubachi

Effective July 15, 2015, Husqvarna Group acquires Koubachi AG, a pioneer and leader in the area of smart gardening based in Switzerland. The acquisition brings extensive experience and competence from Internet of Things and home automation technology within gardening and plant care, strengthening the Gardena Division’s positions in this field substantially.

Koubachi’s competence team including its founder Dr Philipp Bolliger will join Gardena Division. The office in Zurich will be continued as an innovation and development site for Gardena.

Koubachi – the Internet of Things in gardening Koubachi has emerged from scientific work at ETH Zurich. The current product portfolio mainly consists of a cloud based plant care system which includes sensors and mobile apps along with an extensive plant library and unique algorithms to make plant care better and easier.

“The acquisition will increase and accelerate the value of Gardena’s own smart garden concept which will be launched starting in 2016. This concept connects automatic watering and robotic lawn mowing in a unique way, and is managed by a smart phone application. Joining forces with the Koubachi team will consolidate our leadership position within gardening,” says Sascha Menges, President Gardena Division, Husqvarna Group.

Koubachi grows its gardening range with new professional Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Plant Sensor Pro allows gardeners to monitor the health of plants

Zurich, 30 September 2014 – Koubachi, the plant care expert, today launches its next generation of plant sensors, the Plant Sensor Pro, designed for professional gardeners to accurately determine the health and vitality of plants. Also being launched is Koubachi’s second-generation versions of the indoor and outdoor plant sensor device, Plant Sensor 2. New features include soil temperature, artificial light measurement, with the Outdoor and Pro versions featuring the weather forecast integration. Koubachi’s Plant Sensors are available to buy now from store.koubachi.com and online partners.

The Plant Sensor Pro uses Wi-Fi technology that enables users to monitor and access detailed data from anywhere. The data can be viewed as graphs and the raw data is also available for download.

Working with the free iOS and Android compatible Koubachi App, the Indoor and Outdoor plant sensors identify the plant’s needs and send care instructions to the gardener’s smartphone, tablet or computer at the right time to let them know when the plant needs watering, fertilising or attention. Moreover, the new Outdoor sensor also includes a weather forecast integration feature that takes into account if there is a high-probability of rain. The user will only be notified if the plant needs watering and there is no rain on the way. The Koubachi App database is continuously updated with care information for unusual plants and with its Plant Finder feature, gardeners can identify unknown plant species.

With 77 per cent of Brits now keen gardeners, everyone seems to want thriving and healthy plants. We’ve been developing the new Wi-Fi Plant Sensors 2 for more than a year incorporating many additional functions such as soil temperature and Plant Finder feature, and learning from the feedback given from users of the first generation sensors,” said, Dr. Philipp Bolliger, CEO and founder of Koubachi.

About Koubachi

Based in Zurich, the Swiss company has been developing the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensors and compatible apps for gardeners worldwide since 2009. The products provide users with valuable information for the maintenance of plants. The Koubachi App was launched in 2010, with the first Wi-Fi Plant Sensor launched in 2012. Previously part of ETH Zurich, the company now has ten employees.

Koubachi for iOS 8 coming soon

Koubachi for iOS has some issues with Apple's latest update to iOS 8. We are aware of these issues and have submitted a new version to Apple more than a week ago. Unfortunately, Apple takes much longer than usual to release our update. However, it should be available very soon.

We suggest not to use the app in the meantime and updated immediately after release. We will let you know when the time has come. Thank you for your patience.

Koubachi AG announces license deal with Sensirion AG

Koubachi AG is a Spin-Off from ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) and has earned itself a reputation as pioneering IoT (Internet of Things) start-up. Koubachi's products include its Wi-Fi plant sensor, cloud-based plant care engine, and smart-phone interface for advising on plant care. Furthermore, Koubachi has developed cloud server products capable of processing high volume sensor data. This technology has also been licensed to well-known manufacturers worldwide on a project basis.

The leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions worldwide, Sensirion, has entered into an agreement with Koubachi to license its cloud technology. Sensirion, also a first mover in integrating high-quality sensors into smartphones, concluded this deal in order to meet the increasing software and data management requirements in the industry. All strategic technology is and remains ownership of Koubachi. “We are very pleased with this agreement which allows us to turn our focus away from external project business and back to strategically growing our business in the IoT economy of the smart home and garden.", says Dr. Philipp Bolliger, CEO, inventor of the Wi-Fi plant sensor and co-founder of Koubachi AG.

Koubachi has pioneered wireless plant sensors and is already a global leader of smart plant care solutions. Leveraging its achievements and expanding its product offerings, Koubachi is currently offering a Series B funding opportunity to selected investors. As previously announced, Koubachi is working on bringing state-of-the-art technology to all gardening needs including automated irrigation. Philipp Bolliger: “There are 146m gardens in Europe alone, and we are striving to address so far unmet user needs and a growing market with new disruptive technology".

Koubachi 1.10 for iPhone

Check out the new and free Koubachi iPhone App 1.10. Now with improved configuration and revised Plant Finder. Zum Download!

Koubachi 1.1 for Android

Check out the new and free Koubachi Android App 1.1. New Sensor view and improved stability. Download now!

Stop wondering. Plant Finder is here!

When using a plant care app like Koubachi, one of the more tricky things you need to figure out is the type of your plant. Koubachi Plant Finder helps you to determine your plants’ species. And it's very easy: it will ask you a few simple questions and figure out the species within no time.

While still in beta mode, Plant Finder works already very well. Koubachi's statistical models are even self-learning. This means that Plant Finder is improving all the time.

You've got to try it to see how amazing it is! Download the free Koubachi App including Plant Finder today!

Koubachi 1.0 for Android

New features, new design, faster, more languages ??and more plants.

The new Android app includes new features: now you have, for example, the possibility to swipe between three plant beds to manage up to 27 plants. The new design includes backgrounds which adapt to the daytime. In addition, new languages ??have been added and the Plant Cyclopedia.

All what you have been waiting for. Download now!

New iPhone App Version: 1.8

The new version 1.8 of the Koubachi App is now available for download in the App Store!

Koubachi’s new iPhone App will accompany you through the day, changing its background depending on your local time. In addition, the App has been redesigned to match the new iOS look as well as for better navigation. But that’s not all: the App is now available also in Italian!

Koubachi - Leading Plant Care Assistant for your home and garden. Upgrade now and experience the new design for iOS 7!

Week 48, Time for Koubachi Hiatus

At Koubachi we had an intense year with many new projects and new market entries. Now it’s time for us to reflect on the successes and failures of this year, and prepare mentally for the one to come.

We strongly believe that amazing things can happen when a team is allowed to think out-of-the-box, skipping conventional ways and getting to innovative great new ideas. We will be launching new products in 2014 and to make sure to give birth to even more beautiful and innovative products, we will shut down regular business from November 25th until November 29th.

But what does this mean for you, our dear customers and our community? All services are of course available, thus you can use the Koubachi apps as usual!

We will return to our normal schedule the following week (Monday 2. December). We hope you seize this chance to take a little break of your own. You’ve certainly earned it!

New Server Infrastructure Makes Plant Care Faster and more Reliable

Our recent investment in a better server infrastructure now pays off in several ways: the web app became much more responsive, we can easily cope with peaks in the server load, and the Wi-Fi plant sensors will use less battery as they get faster feedback from the servers.

We hope that this effort makes your Koubachi experience even more enjoyable!

Servers on maintenance

Our servers will be down for maintenance on Thursday 11/7 from 10am until 2pm (CET). During that time, the Koubachi website, store and apps will not be available.
Thank you for your understanding - your Koubachi Team

Latest IFA News - Smart Garden

IFA 2013 is going strong and we have more exciting news we want to share with you. At this year’s show, not only did we announce the brand new Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro, we also give a sneak preview of the Smart Garden of the Future (see our press release).

Being enthused about the products that are currently under development at Koubachi, we decided to share the excitement and show off some stuff that we are working on at the skunkworks of Koubachi. Leveraging our Plant Care Engine (PCE) to the max, we aim to not only give your plant a voice, but to make the whole gardening experience smart.

Studies show that as much as 50% of the water we use for outdoor irrigation is wasted. Making use of the comprehensive information of plant species and plant requirements contained in our PCE and integrating weather services, we are able to build intelligent devices, such as a smart irrigation controllers or smart sprinklers. By considering the weather forecast, the Koubachi Smart Controller for example is capable of not activating watering when it knows it is going to rain in one hour. Not only will your plants do much better, but you will also save a lot of water.

Learn more about the future of smart gardening on our website www.koubachi.com/future.

We've made the T3 Finals!

We made it! Our Wi-Fi Plant Sensor has been nominated as one of only six finalists for this year’s T3 Awards. In the “TechLife Product of the Year” category, we now go head-to-head with products such as Philips’s Hue or the GoPro Hero3. 

Being a finalist is great, no doubt. But of course we would like to win this thing. And you can make it happen! Just go the the T3 website and vote for the best product, vote for Koubachi. Cheers!

Koubachi News from IFA 2013

Day 3 at IFA 2013 and the team is buzzing! Once again, our booth is a true attraction and we always have a serious crowd of people interested in our products. At this year’s IFA, we again present new products (see our press release). Only ten months after launching the Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Outdoor, we show the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro for the first time.

This brand-new sensor is specifically tailored to the requirements of pro users. Like the Indoor and Outdoor sensors it measures light intensity, ambient temperature and soil moisture. In addition it also measures soil temperature and air humidity, once again setting the definitive standard for plant sensors.

But we have more IFA news. Over the last months the team has been working hard developing the new native Koubachi App for Android, which is now also available in German. Together with the popular iOS App and the Web App, we are now able to offer our service on all popular platforms. And as always with Koubachi, you can get started by just downloading the app for free.

Koubachi is Apple's Staff Pick!

Koubachi is proud to announce: our product has been chosen, we made the Favorite Accessories list by Apple US.

The section "Our Favorite Accessories" on Apple Store’s main page features a variety of products that complement Apple products. It's Apple's staff that chooses and recommends outstanding products.

Thank you Apple! We are very happy and honor

Koubachi releases Android App Beta!

Koubachi launched its first Android App Beta!

This is a further milestone for us and we are thrilled to get your feedback!

The Koubachi Beta App is limited to 9 plants for the moment, but covers the most important functionalities of the iPhone App: adding a new plant, usage of the library, see the last readings of the sensor, ...

As Android does not allow ad-hoc configurations, you'll need to use your laptop/computer to configure the sensor.

We look forward to your feedback and wish you to enjoy the testing!

ImperiHome integrates our API

We are only weeks away from launching beta version of Koubachi for Android.
For those who can't wait: ImperiHome did a great job using our API (labs.koubachi.com) to integrate Koubachi.

Be able to consult all of your Koubachi's information on ImperiHome. Find out more about it here.

Vote for Koubachi on T3!

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is among the 10 finalists for the TechLife Product of the Year Award powered by T3.

To win the award we need your vote! Thus, vote for us!

Thank you all for your great support!

Your Koubachi Team

Koubachi Made for Pro

We have listened to your requests, and today we are proud to announce our professional interface pro.koubachi.com!

Pro.koubachi.com comes with a set of unique features particularly made for the needs of scientists, growers and professional gardeners.

Pro.koubachi.com allows you to download sensor data from the web, and to adjust the settings of your sensors. Along with this go our new “Made for Pro” Sensors that use high quality multipoint calibration. You can get these sensors on http://store.koubachi.com, and enjoy additional features including:

  • List all your sensors in a single view
  • View and download raw data (SI values)
  • Graphs support zooming & panning
  • High quality calibration in our factory
  • Adjustable measurement and transmission intervals
  • View the expected battery life-time based on your settings
  • Freely adjust the description of your sensors

Thank you for all your support and interest!

Your Koubachi Team

Koubachi sale on Fab.com!

More great news for Koubachi fans and followers: as of now, Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is available on Fab.com!

Fab.com is the world's fastest growing e-commerce site that focuses on innovative products with high quality and great design. Fab.com has a special sale with both versions of Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, Indoor and Outdoor.

The sale only last for 3 days, so get your Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor now at Fab.com!

Koubachi hits Apple Online Stores

What a kick start into 2013! As announced at CES 2013, Koubachi launches US sales and as of today, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Outdoor is available in the Apple Online Store!

Koubachi is also on the move with Apple Europe. In addition to the presence in the Apple Retail Stores throughout Europe, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Outdoor is now also available in the Apple Online Store in Europe!

We are proud to achieve another milestone and in particular to deepen our relationship with Apple.

Wi-Fi Plant Sensor gives your plant a voice.

Koubachi, the Swiss start-up company behind the popular iPhone plant care assistant of the same name is presenting its newest innovation at CeBIT 2012 in Hannover: the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor.

Building on the success of its popular interactive plant care assistant available as an iPhone App and Web App, Koubachi launches a complementary Wi-Fi Plant Sensor that seamlessly integrates into the Koubachi system. The sensor literally gives your plant a voice.

The Wi-Fi Plant Sensor measures soil moisture, light intensity and temperature. Using the built-in Wi-Fi module, the data is sent to the Koubachi cloud, where it is analyzed by the Koubachi Plant Care Engine based on scientific plant care models developed in cooperation with biologists. The plant owner is provided with detailed care instructions regarding watering, fertilizing, misting, temperature and light through push notifications or email.

“The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is the first device ever that enables real-time monitoring of the plant’s vitality” says Philipp Bolliger, CEO of Koubachi and adds: “We are very proud to launch this revolutionary innovation at CeBIT 2012. It’s a truly unique product in the field of “Internet of Things” and bringing state-of-the-art technology to plant care”.

“While the new Wi-Fi plant sensor will provide the user with the most accurate diagnosis of the plant’s vitality, including temperature and light instructions, it’s still possible to use the Koubachi iPhone App without a sensor”, explains David Kurmann, the Head of Marketing and Sales”. as before, the user then just needs to calibrate his plant once.”

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor runs with two standard AA batteries and has a battery lifetime of over 1 year. It’s compatible with the common Wi-Fi protocols (Wi-Fi / 802.11). It retails for €109.- and can be purchased with start of the CeBIT on the homepage of Koubachi.