Full Care Support

Thanks to the unique Plant Care Engine (PCE), Koubachi is able to advise you about everything your plant needs: water, fertilizer, hu­mi­di­ty, temperature and light! Koubachi not only tells you WHEN to care for your plants, but also gives you specific instructions HOW.


Plant Cyclopedia

Find all popular plants with additional information and HD-quality pictures. See the origin of your plant, get information about growth form, vegetation cycle, blossom time, de­tails of the leaf morphology and much more.


Scientific Species Models

Koubachi uses plant care models that have been developed with lea­ding biologists and scientifically proven in greenhouse experiments! For every species, Koubachi is able to determine the exact needs con­si­de­ring the current season and your climate zone.


Tailored Care Plans

Unlike any other solution, Koubachi calculates in individual care plan for every single plant! Considering the species, your plant's water usage rate, light intensity and temperature, Koubachi provides you with accurate care instructions.


Always & Everywhere

Access your plants on the iPhone or Web App, always and everywhere. Notifications, advices and alarms are directly sent to you, through push-notifications on your iPhone or by e-mail. All your data, plants and settings are fully syn­chro­nized to the Koubachi Cloud and thus always up-to-date on all devices!


Koubachi also listens – our Plant Care Engine is able to adapt to your actions! Whenever you take care outside Koubachi's recommendations, the system evaluates your action and adapts the individual care plan for your plants.

Koubachi has plans to take things a step further.

Plant-Saving Alarms

By means of the Wi-Fi Plant Sen­sor Koubachi knows exactly what your plants can tolerate and alarms you when conditions are dangerous, for example if the temperature is too low when ven­ti­la­ting in winter.

Dual Mode

Koubachi helps you care for your plants with or without the Wi-Fi Plant Sensor. Koubachi always pro­vides you with care advice about water, mist and fertilizer. But only the Wi-Fi Plant Sensor will get you highly accurate real-time ad­vi­ces including analysis of tem­pe­ra­ture and light conditions.

Scientifically Proven

The plant care models used within the Koubachi PCE were developed by leading scientists at ETH Zurich and tested and verified in many ex­pe­ri­ments in greenhouses for over 18 months.