Koubachi is a charming app
your plants are going to love.
Never again forget to water,
fertilize or mist your plants.
Koubachi tells you when and
how to care for your plants.
Leading Plant Care Assistant
for your home and garden.
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In a Nutshell
Receive care instructions
tailored to each specific plant.
Access the Plant Cyclopedia to
find important facts and
additional information.
Get custom notifications
wherever you are.
Take a brief tour
Learn what Koubachi can do for you.
Water your plants
Watering right keeps your plants constantly healthy and blossoming. And that is what Koubachi starts helping you with.
Mist your plants
Misting increases the air humidity around your plants. Koubachi gives you plant-specific advice to make your plants even happier.
Fertilize your plants
Fertilizer strengthens your plants with important nutrients. Koubachi can tell you exactly which fertilizer to use.
Are you ready?
Forget about brown leafed unhappy plants and always know exactly what your plants need with Koubachi.
Start Over
Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
Monitors soil moisture, temperature, light and more. Each sensor can take care of multiple plants. 
Patented soil moisture sensor works with unmatched precision.
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