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Web App

No Sensor Required

Your can use the free Koubachi App to care for your plants even without Plant Sensor. (Note: without sensor not quite all features are fully available). To determine the water cycle of a plant without a sensor, the system must be calibrated first. This works by telling the app how long it takes until the plant has used up all the water. You can do this in three easy steps.

Plant Library

Find all popular plants with additional information and HD-quality pictures. Learn more about the origin of your plant, what it needs, vegetation cycles, toxicity, flowering times and much more. Don't know your plant? Try the Plant Finder feature to easily identify the common house and garden plants. According to CNET, Koubachi "has the most helpful plant database" and Plant Finder is "the most user-friendly plant identification software". Thank's for the endorsement CNET! We hope you will like it too.

How It Works

The Koubachi System was developed at ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich). Our App considers the plant species, climate, season, user preferences and - optionally - sensor measurements. Based on all these parameters, we can provide you with highly specific care instructions, at the right time. Unlike any other solution, Koubachi calculates an individual care plan for every single of your plants. Our algorithms include data models for each species that were developed with lea­ding biologists and have been scientifically proven in greenhouse experiment.

Usage Tips

Use the App Indoors

For plants that are not exposed to rain, the free Koubachi App can be used without a plant sensor. Only plants in covered locations can be properly calibrated and managed without a plant sensor. Therefore, for outdoor plants make sure to use the app in combination with Plant Sensor 2 Outdoor.

No Registration Required

Ever needed to register with an app before you were able to even see their services? With Koubachi no registration is needed - you can start using the free app right away. If you later decide to register your account anyway, this will give you some neat benefits (e.g. automatic synchronization with your web browser app). You can register your account as follows: tab “Settings”, then “Koubachi Account” and “Register”.