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Leading Plant Care Assistant for your home and garden - tells you when and how to care for your plants. Easily identify and learn about your species. Never again forget to water or fertilize your plants. (Psst... For indoor plants you can also enjoy most App features without a Plant Sensor.)

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Koubachi Solutions in a Nutshell

Koubachi develops solutions to make plant care easier and better. Our current range includes apps and plant sensors.

Plant Care Assistance

The "classical" Koubachi App is for plant owners looking for advice when and how to care for their plants. You can run the app as mobile app (Koubachi for iOS or Koubachi for Android), or as web app in any web browser via The app is free. You can use it with or without plant sensors. The plant sensors' precise measurements of the plants' growing conditions (soil moisture, air and soil temperature, lighting conditions) will provide additional and more accurate care advice.

Monitoring of Growing Conditions

Garden professionals that want to track and analyse sensor data can access With this web app it is possible to visualize sensor measurements, view statistical data and get notified when custom thresholds are exceeded. Also, all collected data can be exported for further analysis in Excel.

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"Koubachi really makes plant care easy and fun. Just rely on them for your plants and enjoy healthy and blossoming plants in no time."

"Koubachi understands the cycles of your plant's environment better than any other plant sensor out there."

"Help your plants keep in touch with this Wi-Fi sensor that measures everything from humidity to light."

"Now anyone can be a master gardener." "Monitor every facet of your plant's well-being from anywhere."